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An active family is a healthy family.

Green Prescription (GRx) Active Families is a free programme which targets 4-17 year olds and their families. The programme is designed to provide support, guidance and opportunities to create healthy lifestyles through regular physical activity and healthy eating.The Active Families coordinator will support and guide the family to set achievable goals and increase their level of activity and participation. Healthy nutrition advice is part of the programme and there's also the opportunity to meet and make new friends while working towards worthwhile and positive outcomes. Regular exercise helps maintain a healthy weight, it builds strong muscles and bones, helps protect the heart and benefits mental health as well. Active children are healthier, stronger, more confident, do better in school, sleep better and in general grow up to be healthy fit adults.

What better time to get your family out and active than spring! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and there are plenty of opportunities to get out and get active for the whole family.

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Active Families 2014

This year Active Families will focus on participating as a group in community events and achieving some awesome goals! Our venue is Somerset Crescent School where we come together in a supportive environment to learn about improving our health, fitness and general well being.

What's On...

Classes for 2014 will start the week beginning February 10th.Upcoming activities to look forward to include interactive cooking, mini golf and Zumba as well as our usual family fun sports and activities


Active Families Fundamental Movement Skills programme

Fundamental movement skills are the foundation for participation in games sport and physical activity.The Active Families 4-7 programme (he hiteki, he piu, a he peke) is designed to teach these skills to children aged 4-7 years and provide nutrition education for families. The aim is to help create and support healthy lifestyles through increased participation in physical activity as well as learning about ways to incorporate healthy nutritional habits into everyday lives. Children will learn the skills required to confidently engage in school and community activities in a fun supportive environment. Classes are held weekly on Tuesdays, 3.45-4.45pm at Roslyn School.

Families can be referred via your GP, practice nurse or other health provider. There is also the option to self refer. Come along and check it out!healthy food

About Nutrition

To help the family understand the importance of eating healthy. These sessions will highlight how easy and nutritious healthy foods can be.

What is a 'serving' and 'portion' size?

We will teach you how to easily understand the recommended serving and portion sizes for individuals.

How do I read food labels?

We will help you to understand food labels. what they mean and what the recommendations are.

Physical Activity

Active Families is not just about learning how exercise is good for you. It is about taking part and participating in physical activities,gaining confidence, improving health, and of course having fun. We get out into the community and try a variety of different sports and activities which suit all levels of ability.

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  • Please re-visit the site in January for upcoming Summer activities

Phone: 06 357 5349

Or call in and see us at Sport Manawatu:
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