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Want to compete in the 55km Bush Cycle Tour in 2017? We can help with our seven week programme for everything you need to know such as: + Bike maintenance and bike etiqette + Safety on streets and roads + Gear transitions and hill climbing + Helmet safety and bike handling skills  

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Sport Manawatu’s Legends of Sport

The Manawatu Legends of Sport was established in 2007 to acknowledge and honour the region’s greatest sporting achievers and those who have dedicated many years of service to sport; all of whom have had a significant impact on our sporting heritage. It recognises iconic sportspeople who have not only achieved at the highest level of their code but have each contributed an insurmountable quality of blood, sweat and tears (not to mention many years of their lives!) back into regional sport. Sport: Hockey Born: 5 October 1944 Birthplace: Palmerston North To anyone who has set foot on a [...]

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