Coaching Resources

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Getting Started in Coaching Handbook    

Getting started in CoachingCoaching is about sharing your knowledge and experience, making sport fun and giving everyone a go. It's about teaching discipline, fair play and skills that will help athletes in all aspects of their lives.

This handbook is designed to help you get started in coaching. It provides tips on your role as a coach, communication, teaching new skills to athletes, sport safety and planning.


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New Zealand Coaching Strategy

Coaching Strategy cover

This strategy defines the future directions for coaching in New Zealand. It's three objectives are; more time, more recognition and status, better quality.


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Coach Development Framework

The Coach Development Framework derives from the New Zealand Coaching Strategy and outlines the structures, policies and procedures to implement tactic three of this Strategy - €˜Improve coach education requirements and qualifications'.  

  coaching development cover

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Coaching Articles    

Here are some useful coach related articles and stories.

Careers in Coaching - Here are some useful tips to get into coaching right here in the Manawatu.

Understanding Athletes

Module: Late Childhood Community -    understand the characteristics and needs of your athletes, an essential component to athlete centred coaching.

Athlete  Characteristics and Needs - this table outlines the  general characteristics of the athletes and the related athlete needs for the various coaching communities defined in the New Zealand Coaching Strategy.  

Teaching Games for Understanding

This document is aimed at teaching primary and secondary school physical education and includes practical examples of using the teaching games for understanding model.

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Communication is a vital tool for any coach. This module covers the three dimensions of communication, developing communication skills for successful coaching, cultural and gender communication and more....

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Nutrition in Sport

It has often been said 'we are what we eat', download this module to learn all about nutrition and it's relationship to physical activity.

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Sport Psychology

This module outlines some basic sport psychology principles, focusing on the two areas that are seen by coaches as being most important for athletes to develop and master: motivation and arousal control.

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Available Coaching Publications

This section  highlights  coaching materials such as books, dvds, cd-roms  that  are available  through sport  manawatu, regional/national sport organisations or palmerston north library for coaches to access.

Sports Coaching  Publications at Palmerston North Library