Fundraising for International Athletes

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In recognition of the vital role performance athletes play in our community, Sport Manawatu has established an online fundraising scheme for our international athletes.

The Sport Manawatu Online Fundraising Scheme provides an opportunity for the athlete to raise some cash as well as raising their profile. Sport Manawatu will also promote the fundraising efforts of the athlete via the Sport Manawatu website, e-newsletters, and other means to help maximise financial support.  

All funds raised will be transferred to the athlete at the end of the fundraising period less administration costs.

IMPORTANT: As this is a fundraising scheme not a grant, you must ensure that you allow adequate time to raise the funds prior to your event. We suggest that you submit your application at least two months prior to your event.  


  • Athletes qualify for Sport Manawatu's Online Fundraising Scheme when selected to represent New Zealand through the international sporting body's qualifying criteria, for an international sanctioned event where two or more countries are participating.
  • Athletes/all team members must reside within the Sport Manawatu coverage area.
  • Managers, coaches and officials may apply providing they themselves have been selected or invited by the international sporting body and meet the criteria. The personal managers, coaches etc of individual athletes are not eligible to apply unless they have also been selected by the international sporting body.
  • All funds raised will be transferred to the athlete/team no later than one month after the online fundraising ends less administration costs (10% + GST).
  • Sport Manawatu reserves the right to alter allocation criteria at our discretion.

Application process

  • Prior to setting up your webpage through Sport Manawatu's Online Fundraising Scheme, you must complete the application form.
  • We will then review your application and if successful, will provide you with instructions on how to set up your own fundraising webpage.  


Download Sport Manawatu's Online Funding Scheme application form HERE


If you have any questions on this, please contact Sport Manawatu.  

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