Learning opportunities for coaches

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Whether you are a new coach or an experienced one, Sport Manawatu can help make coaching an easier, more enjoyable experience. Become a more efficient, effective coach by linking into one or more of our upcoming learning opportunities.

Generic courses

Sport Manawatu holds courses throughout the year that focus on providing all coaches, regardless of their sport, an opportunity to learn about €˜how to coach' opposed to €˜what to coach'. Course topics include:

  • The New Zealand CoachApproach; A research-based coaching philosophy.
  • Teaching Games for Understanding; Learning through playing games.
  • Understanding the Athlete; Athlete characteristics and needs.
  • Emotional Intelligence/Self Awareness; Identifying and understanding your coaching style and traits.
  • Introductory Strapping Course; Focusing on ankles, knees, wrists and shoulders.
  • Introductory Nutrition Course; Simple tips and advice.
  • Up Close and Personal with...(a well known guest coach); A New Zealand Academy of Sport seminar aimed at elite coaches.

Sport-specific courses

Coach SoccerNational Sports Organisations, in association with Sport NZ, continue to develop their own sport specific pathways that include ongoing community (or age) targeted learning opportunities. The focus is on ensuring coaches are given appropriate and easy to access choices for personal development. A smorgasbord of specifically catered learning opportunities are becoming more readily available for coaches of all levels and ages. Introductory level courses, often called €˜Back to Basics' courses, are held prior to each winter (June/July) and summer (October/November) season.

Check our events calendar to see what coaching courses are coming up.

Can't find what you want?

If you want to attend a certain course that is not currently scheduled:

  • Sport Manawatu provides a needs-based service where coaching courses are facilitated on demand. Please contact us to discuss your options.