Club Assist

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Club Assist is a programme Sport Manawatu offers to help improve the capability of sports clubs.

We provide the club with a diagnostic assessment tool so they can assess their club structure, organisation and performance. Current best practice is outlined to allow them to measure themselves against and to identify strengths and weaknesses within their organisation.

How does it work?

A club contacts us to join Club Assist. Our club development coordinator will meet with a cross-section of club members to run a ‘health check' and collect information. The information is then analysed and recommendations are made to the club as to what needs to be improved on to achieve the Club Assist Award.

What support is offered?

Support will be given to the club for any changes or improvements recommended. The timeframe in which clubs have dedicated support from Sport Manawatu to complete recommendations is 12 months from the date that the Memorandum of Understanding is signed by both parties. Should the club not achieve the required recommendations within the timeframe they may continue with the Club Assist programme but with limited support as new clubs will be recruited into the programme.

What happens after the 12 month period?

Once the 12 month period has passed and the recommendations have been implemented by the club through formal evidence, Sport Manawatu will present the club with the "Club Assist" Award which includes:

  • a letter of reference (outlining all recommendations the club has implemented which can be used when making applications for funding)
  • a framed certificate recognising the club's achievement.

Manawatu Triathlon Club – First club in the region to achieve the Club Assist Award

Benefits to clubs

The club will:

  • improve their capability
  • develop strong working relationships
  • receive a letter of reference upon completion of Club Assist (useful when applying for funding)
  • receive a framed certificate upon completion of Club Assist. 

Contact us to confirm your place on our Club Assist programme.