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We have a variety of information on funding for community, sport and recreation organisations including;

Gaming Machine Funding

Societies: These are the organisations that own and operate gaming machines and make grants to non-profit community organisations.

Sites: These are pubs and other venues where gaming machines are located. They do not own the machines and must not be involved in decisions about who can apply for grants, who receives them or how much the grant should be.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any non-profit organisation (e.g. sports clubs, schools, community groups) is eligible to apply for gaming machine funding. However, it is important to note that no individual can apply for funding. An individual may apply for funding but must get the club/school/organisation to apply on their behalf.

How to apply and complete application:

Check out the Department of Internal Affairs website for which pubs are associated to which trusts. Pick up an application form from your local pub - they know what you are after and by law they can't decline you on the spot (in fact the applications must be visible to the public). Points to remember when you're filling in your application form:

  1. Authorised purposes - These are the purposes for which societies can make grants. Different societies have different authorised purposes, but all must benefit the community.
  2. Obtain quotes (name of your organisation, supplier's details, details of items acquiring, and is to be no more than 3 months old); Copy of club/organisation minutes and copy of the resolution passed.
  3. Send applications directly to the Trust.
  4. Any queries contact the Trust directly or for assistance contact Sport Manawatu.

Useful links: For a list of organisations that provide sports and community funding please see our useful links > funding page.

Local Authority Funding

Below are the website links to the funding available from the four local authorities within the Sport Manawatu region.

Palmerston North City Council - Via Sport Manawatu

Sports Assistance Fund

The Sports Assistance Fund is a fund for sports events being held in Palmerston North.  The purpose of the fund is to support operational cost for sports events in Palmerston North that reinforces economic growth and/or community spirit through the provision of grants.  The fund has been established by the Palmerston North City Council and is administered by Sport Manawatu.

Please click here for further information on this fund

Manawatu District Council offers three different funds:

  • International Representative Fund - assists district residents representing the district in a national or international event.
  • Community Fund - funds projects that aim to enhance community well-being, seeking to improve outcomes for the community.
  • Community Promotions Grant - funds for events or activities held in the Manawatu District by non-profit organisations.

Horowhenua District Council offers two different funds:

  • International Representative Fund - assists district residents representing New Zealand at an international sporting or arts and culture event.
  • Local Events Marketing Grant - assists local organisations to promote events outside the District in an effort to draw more visitors to the event and region.

Tararua District Council

  • Grants/Sponsorship Funding Scheme  - provides funding for events in the Tararua District

Tararua District Council - administered by Sport Tararua

  • Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund -   assists teams with young people between the age of 5 and 19 years with the costs of travelling to local competitions. Download an application form.
  • International Representatives Fund - assists district residents representing New Zealand at an event where two or more countries are participating. Download an application form.
  • Creative Communities New Zealand (CCNZ) Arts Fund - assists with local arts projects and events, including productions, dance programmes and kapa haka. Download an application form. Download guidelines

Other funding

The Meridian Te Apiti Community Fund

This Fund covers the communities closest to the Te Apiti wind farm, Ashhurst and Woodville, and is to the value of $100,000 over three years.

For more information including a selection criteria please visit