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Volunteers are the heart of sport. Without volunteers, sport would not exist in the way it does in our country. At Sport Manawatu we recognise the effort put in by volunteers and the contribution they make to the sporting sector.

Sport Maker of the Month

It is time to recognise the Sport Makers in your organisation! Sport Manawatu are delighted to open the nomination process for our Sport Maker of the Month competition. Sports clubs, schools and sport organisations can now nominate their super volunteers to win this award. The award recognises the outstanding efforts and achievements by volunteers who have gone above and beyond to ensure participants can continue doing what they love most, playing sport. Eligible nominations are for the work the Sport Maker has completed in the last 12 months. Each month we will have a new Sport Maker picked from the nominees. Organisations are more than welcome to nominate more than one volunteers each month. Winners will receive a certificate and $200 worth of Lotto merchandise.

Nominations are now open for our January Sport Maker of the Month.  Nominations close Friday 5 February 2016. Please complete the Sport Maker Nomination Form found HERE Once completed email the form to our Workforce Advisor Leanne Couch If you have any questions email Leanne.

Sport Makers are required to help support various exciting Sport Manawatu events throughout 2016:

  • Whanau Tri (March)
  • Secondary School Volleyball Nations (April)
  • Secondary School Squash Nationals (August)
  • Secondary School Cycling Nationals (September)
  • Secondary School Basketball Nationals (September)

Please click HERE for more information on each volunteering opportunity and how to apply.

Join our volunteer database:
Please contact Sport Manawatu if you wish to become a sports volunteer.

Sport Manawatu
06 3575349
50 Queen St
Palmerston North


Did you know?

  • 41,000 people are paid to work in sport in New Zealand, but half a million people are involved as volunteers. Without grassroots helpers, sport simply wouldn't happen - and players could never advance to world class level.
  • Sports volunteers are coaches, umpires, scorers, starters, referees, judges and other officials.
  • Volunteers in sport also include people who: wash the uniforms, transport the team, cut the oranges, fill the water bottles, clean the clubrooms and give their time in other ways.

Why volunteer?

Here are just some of the many reasons to become a volunteer:

  • share a skill
  • get to know a community
  • demonstrate commitment to a cause
  • gain leadership skills
  • satisfaction from accomplishment Volunteers playing wheelchair rugby
  • for recognition
  • donate your professional skills
  • have an impact
  • learn something new
  • be challenged
  • feel proud
  • make new friends
  • explore a career
  • help someone
  • do something different from your job
  • for fun!
  • keep skills alive
  • have an excuse to do what you love
  • feel good
  • be part of a team
  • gain status
  • build your resume.

So how do I get involved?

  • the Sport Manawatu volunteer database. Members of the volunteer database receive benefits such as: an annual function, random prizes, free entry to events, giveaways, references (on request), experience in the events industry, recognition from event organisers and many others. You will be given opportunities in a huge range of different sporting events, and often these will only require a few hours of your time. There are no obligations to  assist once you're on the database, so you can work volunteering in to suit your own timetable and our events coordinator, or simply complete our online registration (link below).  You will also need to  complete a Police Check.

Volunteer related sites and help for volunteers: