Active Movement

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Providing quality movement experiences for children under five.

Active Movement, a Sport New Zealand initiative for children under five   is about engaging in quality physical movement experiences, which develop and enhance the growth of the child.   Early childhood experiences of quality physical movement strongly affect the healthy development of a child's brain - as well as their body.

Fundamentals first

Fundamental movement skills €” balance or stability skills (stationary, like bending and stretching), locomotor (travelling, like   walking or hopping), and manipulative (object control, like bouncing and catching a ball) €” have been called the ABCs of movement. And, just as we wouldn't expect children to begin reading without the ability to identify letters of the alphabet, we shouldn't expect children to take part in certain structured physical activities without first experiencing success with the ABCs of movement.

Movements, from the simple to the complex, are like building blocks. A logical progression of motor skills is essential if children are to achieve optimal motor development. If they skip the prerequisites, they may never progress successfully from one level of skill development to the next.

Like other skills acquired in the early years, movement skills need to be taught and practiced if they're to be mastered. Although it seems motor skills miraculously appear and develop on their own, the fact is, children who are not provided with movement opportunities and practice in this area will develop only marginal as opposed to maximal ability to use their bodies.

Activities and resources for the 0-2 age group can be accessed by viewing the resources section. For children in the 0-2 year age group we encourage parents and caregivers to attend the sessions run by Plunket and the Baby Bop session run by  Palmerston North City Library.   Click here for details about Baby Bop


Information for parents

Key concepts for Active Movement are:


  • Movement and balance.
  • Movement and touch.
  • Movement and vision.
  • Nurturing active children.





Introduction to Active Movement

An  outline of the programme and explanation of the philosophy behind Active Movement.  Download outline.


Activity Guides

The Activity Guides have practical ideas and games that use little or no equipment. Each set of Activity Guides includes fourteen brochures that cover different areas of development for children 0-5 years.        Visit the SPARC website to download activity guides

Active Movement DVDs: Series One and Series  Two


The DVD's feature some great ideas for having fun with your little ones while aiding their learning   from new beginnings to getting ready for school.   If you would like to order a FREE copy please contact us.




The Active Movement Newsletter has great tips and ideas on how to get children moving.



We have a great range of equipment for hire suitable for your child, including; soft foam shapes, balance beams, moon hoopers and scooter boards.