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2015 Sport Manawatu Workplace Challenge
Get your team active today!
What is the Sport Manawatu Workplace Challenge? The 2015 Workplace challenge run by Sport Manawatu is a four week challenge to get you and your workplace moving! COST:  only $20 (for the whole team) You simply get active and record how many minutes of activity you do.View the activity calendar here. The 2015 Sport Manawatu Workplace Challenge starts 2 November. Throughout the challenge teams have the [read more]
Activity of the week- Squash
Squash is a fantastic sport that gets you fit and healthy, as well as being a lot of fun. It is fast paced; unlike some sports it seems like it never stops, mainly because of the enclosed court area. This means the ball is never far away and you never seem to have an excuse for a break. So a [read more]
Advice from TLC - How honest are you?
Your body is a very honest system. Yet the most frequently used strategy for an uncomfortable and inconvenient symptom is to ignore it - right!Symptoms are your body's English. They can be uncomfortable and inconvenient however they never present without a good reason. Everyday your body will give you feedback. It indicates how tired you are, which part aches, what gets [read more]
Benefits of an Active Workplace
What are the benefits of an active workplace? 1. A mentally healthy workplace has a beneficial effect on turnover and absenteeism. 2. Can improve worker health, save money and increase productivity. 3. Increased job satisfaction, which has a flow -on effect to customer care and company loyalty. 4. Can assist workers to stay healthier and prevent early retirement due to lifestyle diseases. 5. Fewer accidents and injuries. 6. Enhance [read more]
Discover Triathlon Classes
Week One - February 22nd 2012
Week one kicked off with an introduction to the Discover Triathlon training programme. Participants were able to meet with Wi Ormsby from Sport Manawatu and Chris Sanson from the Manawatu Triathlon Club. The purpose of this training programme is to learn about the sport of triathlons and to close the gap from where participants are to where they need to [read more]
Discover Triathlon Classes
Week Two - February 29th 2012
           Welcome back to the second week of the Discover Triathlon training programme. This week emphasised the importance of nutrition and eating well. Food is vital to perform well at work, home and while being active. Foods high in fat, salt, sugar and kilojoules (calories) increases weight and fat stores. You should strive to base your eating on a healthy foundation by [read more]
Discover Triathlon Classes
Week Three - March 7th 2012
            Week three and we really started getting into the triathlon training. Many participants freely admit the swim is the discipline they most need to work on out of the three, so this week we hit the pool. With triathlete Chris Sanson back from competing in the Taupo Ironman, everyone was looking forward to the training tips to improve their swim leg. We [read more]
Discover Triathlon Classes
Week Four - March 14th 2012
            Week four and everyone was on their bike. Here's what we covered during the cycling session: Bike check - It's important to make sure your bike is in good order. Most bike shops will give your bike the once over to make sure it's in good working order. If you're not confident to do it yourself, it's worth having a pro look at [read more]
Discover Triathlon Classes
Week Five - March 21st 2012
            This week we were back in the pool. With Chris and Morna instructing again there were lots of tips to be picked up. I'm sure all of you received real benefit out of it. They could tell who had been practicing their swimming over the last few weeks by the improvement that was shown. Well done guys and keep up the good [read more]
Discover Triathlon Classes
Week Six - March 28th 2012
            Things started to look more like a triathlon this week when we strung two of the disciplines together - cycling and swimming. The triathlon on Sunday April 15th will be in reverse of the usual order and will be a run, bike, then swim course. Switching from a bike ride to a pool swim will be good practice. You should have noticed [read more]
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