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AllSports Activity Fund
The AllSports Activity Fund provides physically disabled young people with grants to help overcome t[...]
Halberg Disability Sports Foundation Founded by Olympic champion Sir Murray Halberg (ONZ) in 1963, the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation aims to enhance the lives of physically disabled young people, their families and communities, by enabling them to participate in sport. Through Halberg’s AllSports programme, physically disabled young people are supported to participate in sport though funding grants and mentoring. AllSports also has [read more]
Funding for Maori
The Maori Education Trust (MET) is financed from private bequests and trusts set up from individuals or businesses. A primary function of the Trust is to provide and administer scholarships in education for Maori students. In addition to MET funded awards, the trust is also contracted to administer scholarships on behalf of the Ministry of Education and other agencies.  Please [read more]
Fundraising for International Athletes
In recognition of the vital role performance athletes play in our community, Sport Manawatu has esta[...]
The Sport Manawatu Online Fundraising Scheme provides an opportunity for the athlete to raise some cash as well as raising their profile. Sport Manawatu will also promote the fundraising efforts of the athlete via the Sport Manawatu website, e-newsletters, and other means to help maximise financial support.   All funds raised will be transferred to the athlete at the end of [read more]
How to get it
We have a variety of information on funding for community, sport and recreation organisations including; Gaming machine funding Local authorities funding options Other funding Scholarships available We also offer advice free of charge to organisations on funding matters and training workshops. Visit our club training page for more information. Gaming Machine Funding Societies: These are the organisations that own and operate gaming machines and make grants [read more]
Sport Manawatu Athlete Scholarships
Sport Manawatu offers scholarships through our 500 Club. The 500 Club consists of a number of local [...]
Value The value of the scholarship is $1,500.00 for each year that it's awarded and is renewable for a maximum of three years or in special cases may be extended until you complete all degree requirements. If the latter is inevitable then each request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. It generally applies to those that cannot commit to a full-time [read more]
Sports Assistance Fund
What is the Sports Assistance Fund The Sports Assistance Fund has been established by the Palmerston North City Council and the administration responsibilities of this fund has been given to Sport Manawatu. The fund consists of $75,000.00 and is to be allocated throughout the councils financial year from 1 July - 30 June. Purpose of the fund The purpose of the Sports Assistance [read more]


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