Our focus on developing community sport

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Increasing ParticipationGuidance & SupportIncreasing VolunteersRecognising Success
Manawatu Sportsperson of the Year

Increasing Participation

Everything we do can be linked right back to the very simple concept of Everyone Active Everyday- which happens to be the Sport Manawatu vision. We want to see more people making sport and recreation a part of their everyday life. We partner with specific sports and targeted groups of people to implement strategies that achieve the following outcomes:

  • Increase in fundamental movement and basic sport skills in primary aged kids
  • More young people participating in sport through clubs and organised events
  • More young people participating in organised sport in primary and secondary schools
  • An increase in the number of adults participating in clubs and organised events

Guidance and Support

We want to see successful and sustainable sport and recreation organisations right throughout our region so we offer support and guidance to those key providers. We have tools, resources and training available for clubs, regional organisations, schools & event organisers.


Our resources provide a wide range of templates, how to guides, useful tools and thought provoking articles.


We run training sessions for sports organisations throughout the year. Topics generally include:  Funding and Sponsorship,  Inclusion Training (how to include people with a disability into your sport),  Marketing, Promotion and  Planning. We are always very keen to get input into the current requirements of everyone out there in the sporting world so if you have a specific training needs please drop on in to see us, send us an email or give us a call to discuss this further.


We often get involved in a number of small or large projects each year. These projects can include anything from membership & volunteer recruitment to strategic or financial planning or even major facility developments. We do have to be selective with the projects we get involved with as we  have limited resources but we are always more than happy to have those initial discussions and then decide the level of involvement we could potentially have. So if you have a project that you would like support with get in touch so we can discuss further. 

Increasing the number and quality of Volunteers

At Sport Manawatu we know the importance of coaches and other volunteers, without them where would sport be? Whether you're a school, club or RSO - needing information and support on recruitment, development, and retention, or you're a coach - wanting learning opportunities, resources or advice - we can help with it all. We also work directly with RSO's on a programme called CoachForce which focuses on ensuring that coaches at all levels are given support and presented with learning opportunities.

Recognising Success

Recognising people in our region that achieve sporting success on the national or international scene is another important focus for us. We run a number of awards, including the Manawatu Sportsperson of the Year, Tararua Sportsperson of the Year and the Secondary School Sports Awards which all aim to recognise the the top performers we have in our region.

If you interested in discussing how we can help you please contact us.