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Click on the headings below to see the resources available in each section.

Club Basics  

  1. First Steps to Starting a Club
  2. Starting a Club Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Sample Constitution
  4. Basic Committee Role Descriptions
  5. Model of an Annual General Meeting
  6. Club Structure Example
  7. President/Chairperson Job Description
  8. Secretary Job Description
  9. Treasurer Job Description
  10. Funding & Sponsorship Coordinator Job Description
  11. Marketing & Promotions Officer Job Description
  12. Volunteer Coordinator Job Description
  13. Being an Effective Chairperson Tips
  14. Effectively Managing Meetings
  15. Terms of Reference Example
  16. Committee Role Handover Checklist
  17. Survey Tips
  18. Example Survey Questions
  19. Member Skills Database Template


  1. Strategic Planning Steps
  2. SWOT Analysis
  3. Strategic Plan Template
  4. Annual Plan Template


  1. Equipment Register Template
  2. Equipment Sign Out Sheet Template
  3. Expenses Reimbursement Form Template
  4. Cancer Society Sample Sunsmart Policy

Finance & Funding

  1. Annual Budget Example
  2. Tips on Applying for Grants
  3. Fundraising Ideas
  4. Trust Funding Tracking Sheet

Marketing and Promotion

  1. Simple Marketing Plan Example
  2. Promotional Ideas
  3. Media Tips
  4. Writing a Media Release
  5. Sample Media Release 1
  6. Sample Media Release 2
  7. Benefits of School - Club Links
  8. Sport Manawatu Promotional Package


  1. Recruiting Volunteers
  2. Retaining and Recognising Volunteers

Event Management

  1. Event Management Task List
  2. Event Management Checklist
  3. Risk Management Form Template
  4. Risk Management Form Example
  5. Traffic Management General Information
  6. Free Events Promotion
  7. Event Evaluation Report
  8. Event Evaluation Form - Participant Example
  9. Cancer Society Planning a Sunsmart Event


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