Kia Ora Whanau

Sport Manawatu has some big new! We have redesigned our Whanau Fit Programme! If you are struggling to make sport, fitness, or activity a regular feature of your lifestyle, the new programme might just do it.  We have been in discussion with many fitness facilities and martial art clubs around the region, to see how we can better work together.  As a result the Whanau Fit Programme is now much longer and wider in scope, allowing us to expose you to as many clubs, activities and facilities as possible in your region.  The hope is you will find a passion, something that drives you forward internally. Sometimes that activity is being practised just around the corner in a scout hall, after school in their gym, through the doors of a fitness centre, or up some stairs you’ve never been brave enough to climb. Let’s do it together, as a group, and find that trigger to being active, for life.  That’s all we want – Everyone Active.

The programme will be delivered in modules closely matching the school terms.  We will cover:

Martial Arts (MA) – as many arts/styles as possible

Fitness Industry (FI) – as many fitness facilities as possible

Sport (SP) – exposure to a collection of local sports, team and individual (E.g. racquet sports; ball sports; traditional māori games) leading to a small internal competition.

Triathlon (TRI) – training in the three disciplines of running, swimming and cycling, and the transition.

Please Note: due to the regional availability, the Fitness Industry and Martial Arts Modules may be combined

Choose your region and sign up for Whanau Fit today!!