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Manawatu Archery Club

The Manawatu Archery Club (M.A.C.) aims to promote the joy of Target Archery and welcomes Recurve, Compound, Longbow and Crossbow archers of all levels and ages. It is affiliated to and encourages its members to join in Provincial (WAA) and National (ANZ) competition.

The Manawatu Archery Club’s Outdoor Range is a full-sized outdoor range facility based at Totara Road (Awapuni) in Palmerston North that can accommodate up to 13 targets or 39 archers and allows shooting distance of up to 90m.

Our club’s room is at the Riverdale Scout Hall and can also be used for shooting at short range (up to 13m) and paper tuning. It is also usually where M.A.C.’S Beginners courses are held.

The Manawatu Archery Club (M.A.C.) are the premier target archery club for the Manawatu region. Membership has the following benefits.

  1. Access to a dedicated archery range.
    1. The club has a dedicated archery range catering for FITA distances to 90 meters with capacity for up to 40 archers on the shooting line.
  2. Access to Archery New Zealand Certified coaches.
    1. The club has mulitple certitied coaches to assist with equipment setup and archery techniques. All coaches have a wealth of knowledge and are very approachable.
  3. Regular club events and competitions.
    1. M.A.C. host Wellington Archery Association (WAA) regional events and Archery New Zealand (ANZ) registered tournaments. Archers can compete up to a national level if they so wish.
  4. Beginners Training Courses run by Archery New Zealand Certified coaches.
    1. The club runs frequent training courses for beginner archers that have either had little or no exposure to the sport. Courses are run on Tuesday evenings in the Riverdale Scout Hall (see map on Contacts page) over a month and prepare the archers for shooting on the outdoor range safely and accurately. Applications for joining a beginners course must be made via email. Copy and paste the email address below into your favourite email program.
Manawatu Achery Club
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