Indoor Sports

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Play it all year round

If you want to stay active all year round, then check out the range of Indoor Sports available in Palmerston North.

Palmerston Indoor Sports Arena (PISA)

Situated in central Palmerston North, we are a well established Indoor Sports Arena with over 10 Years of history in offering well organized, professionally run Indoor sports.

We operate out of a modern 3 court, purpose built centre, which was designed and developed with consideration to the needs of our customers.
One of New Zealand’s best indoor sports arenas, we pride ourselves on our service, flexibility, and commitment to fulfilling our customers needs. With over a decade of experience in this industry we believe, we have the knowledge and the ability to offer our customers a warm, welcoming environment for all their Indoor sports requirements.

Palmerston Indoor Sports Arena

Indoor Netball

  • Played 6 a-side
  • Maximum 3 males on court at a time
  • No restriction on number of players in the team (sub at 1/4 and 1/2 times)

Playing days Game times:

Mon/Tues Divisions 1 to 12 5:30-9:15
  • Wed/Thur Divisions 1 to 12 5:30-9:15
  • Friday Divisions 1-3 6:00pm
  • Student Grades (Fri/Sunday’s)
 Student discounts apply

: $60 per team/per game. The more players you have the cheaper it is
6 players $10 each. All equipment and umpires provided

Indoor Netball

Indoor Cricket

  • A full range of grades available to suit all abilities
  • Played 8 a-side
A Grade and B/Social Grade(Tues/Thurs nights)

$80 per team/per game
All equipment and umpires provided

Indoor Cricket

Indoor Soccer

  • Played 4 a-side
  • No restriction on player numbers
  • Rolling Subs

Playing days

  • Mens/Mixed- played on Thursday nights (5:30 – 7:30pm)
  • Minimum of 2 females on court for Mixed

$32 per team/per game
. The more players you have the cheaper it is e.g: 
8 players $4 each

All equipment and umpires provided

Indoor Soccer