Sport Manawatu’s success lies in the communities, clubs and organisations they help to support. By providing you with the right training and tools, Sport Manawatu can help your club do great things.

E-training for Sports Administrators

We run training sessions for sports organisations throughout the year. Topics generally include:

  • Funding and Sponsorship
  • Inclusion Training (how to include people with a disability into your sport)
  • Marketing
  • Promotion and Planning
  • Events support

We really value your input so if you have any specific training needs, please contact us to discuss further.

Club Warrant of Fitness (WoF)

The Club Warrant of Fitness (Club WoF) helps sport or recreation clubs assess strengths and weaknesses and suggest improvements. Club WoF is an online self-assessment tool to help you see how well your club is running by examining the following six areas:

  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Customer focus
  • Sport delivery
  • People management
  • Sport management

Club Organisational Development Tools (ODT)

The Sport New Zealand Organisational Development Tool (ODT) is a practical and comprehensive process designed by experts to help develop successful and sustainable sport and recreation organisations at national, regional and club levels.

What’s ODT?
The ODT is an online tool that supports the development of successful and sustainable sport and recreation organisations by:

  • Providing a comprehensive ‘warrant of fitness’ to help identify priority areas for improvement
  • Establishing a single national standard framework for development and capability work
  • Providing a simple way of measuring improvements
  • Creating a shared centre of good practice resources

Get in touch with us at Sport Manawatu if you have any questions.

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