Terms and conditions:

Please read before ticking ‘I agree to all the terms and conditions’.  Agreeing to the terms and conditions of this booking form binds you to a number of conditions which are necessary to ensure that your meeting is carried out safely and responsibly. Your cooperation in this matter is essential.

Please read the following conditions carefully.

As the meeting contact person/s to the booking form, you must ensure that the following house rules are followed during the booking.

The meeting rooms are available free of charge to help serve the community's needs for educational, informational, community-building and cultural enrichment.

Keys will be handed over after an induction is done with the Meeting contact/s for this booking. You will be informed of all Health and Safety compliance requirements along with emergency procedures for Sports House.  We will ensure you have all the information required for Sports House access/exit and security. You will be contacted after submitting this form for an induction time.

Parking on Queen Street is 50c per hour and 50c surcharge for credit card. After 5.30pm there is free parking.

  1. All meeting attendees must sign in and out of VisitorRego.
  2. The Trust premises are a smoke free environment and as such we respectfully request users to refrain from smoking outside of the Sports House entrances and exits.
  3. Please be considerate of other Sports House users and staff, also being respectful to all cultures, ethnicities and beliefs.
  4. Users are expected to leave the building in an acceptable state of cleanliness:
    • Floors and tables should be left clean and tidy after meetings.
    • Any catering/kitchen equipment is to be cleaned and put away.
    • Kitchen facilities are to be left clean and tidy.
    • Rubbish is to be disposed of in bins provided.
  5. For all meetings the user is responsible for the setting out and putting away of any tables, chairs used for the meeting and ensuring lights are turned off.
  6. In line with our health and safety procedures, fire exits and corridors must remain unobstructed.
  7. In the event of an emergency the user is required to follow staff instructions, or if outside normal business hours, the instructions of the Sports House inducted meeting contact person. Please comply with the emergency evacuation procedures and always follow the instructions of emergency services. The location of the nearest emergency exit/s will be advised during the induction.
  8. The user will comply with all relevant Health & Safety legislation.
  9. You must, at your own cost, promptly repair any damage caused to the premises by you or any of your invitees. If you fail to do so, the Trust may, in addition to its other rights, repair any damage and recover the costs from you.
  10. The user is responsible for any damage to loaned equipment or contents, or for theft or loss of same. The user will pay for the replacement or repair of these. The Trust will not be responsible for property brought onto the premises by the user, or injury to any person attending the meeting.
  11. Other charges incurred by the user, for example, additional cleaning costs, will be noted and invoiced.
  12. The Trust may terminate this booking at any time without notice if you are in breach of any agreement on your part expressed or implied in this booking. You are not entitled to any compensation for any such early termination of this booking.
  13. You must comply with all relevant legislation, regulations and bylaws affecting the premises and your use of the premises, and must not cause or allow any act on the premises that would cause nuisance or annoyance to any neighbouring property, or any contamination of the premises.
  14. The Trust makes no warranty or representation that the premises are fit for any particular use, and you acknowledge that you have entered into this agreement completely in reliance upon your own skill and judgment. You agree to occupy and use the premises at your own risk, and release the Trust from any claim for any loss or damage you may suffer or incur.
  15. Failure to comply with these rules may jeopardise future opportunities for use of the premises.
  16. The Trust reserves the right to refuse bookings at its discretion.

I agree to all the terms and conditions as the user of Sports House meeting room/s.