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What is Active Teens?

Active Teens
Green Prescription’s Active Teens is a free programme designed to motivate teenagers aged between 13 and 17 to live healthier lifestyles through nutrition and exercise.

There is recorded fitness testing, goal setting and fitness sessions at different places around the area, making teens more aware of the importance in keeping active, healthy and fit.

Our programme visits gyms, does kicking boxing, x fit and cycling.

Active Teens meet on Mondays during the school term at 3:30pm at various places around the Manawatu, Horowhenua and Tararua districts.

What is Active Families?

Active FamiliesGreen Prescription’s (GRx) Active Families is a free programme that targets 4-12 year olds and their families.

The programme is designed to provide support, guidance and opportunities to create healthy lifestyles through regular physical activity and healthy eating.

The Active Families Advisor will support and guide each family to set achievable goals and increase their level of activity and participation. Healthy nutrition advice is part of the programme and there’s also the opportunity to meet and make new friends while working towards worthwhile and positive outcomes.

Regular exercise helps maintain a healthy weight, it builds strong muscles and bones, helps protect the heart and benefits mental health as well. Active children are healthier, stronger, more confident, do better in school, sleep better and in general grow up to be healthy fit adults.

Active Families classes run during the school term, at various locations around the Manawatu, Horowhenua and Tararua districts.

How to join

Grx Active FamiliesYou can be referred to GRx Active Families or Active Teens if your child:

  • is  aged between 4 & 17 years old
  • would benefit from being more active
  • has poor eating habits
  • is overweight
  • has the support of whānau/family
  • may have a stable medical condition

Most referrals come from GPs, pediatricians or practice nurses. You can also refer yourself by calling Sport Manawatu 06 357 5349.

Take the first step to getting active and contact Sport Manawatu today!

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