From entire families to students, Green Prescription has already made a difference in so many people’s lives.
Read some of their inspiring stories and share with others you think may benefit from this programme.

Samantha Matthews

Samantha was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2015 and was operated not long after diagnosis. The tumour turned out to be a rare type of cancer that later resulted in chemotherapy for Sam during the first part of 2016. As a result of chemotherapy, the remaining parts of the tumour were destroyed and Sam was put on many different medications to artificially replace the work of her pituitary gland. The disease and subsequent medication intake left Sam with some mental, emotional and physical sequels (like weakness and weight gain). Active Teens (along with other providers), are helping Sam to address and resolve these side-effects.

Sam and her family knew she needed help, and eventually was referred to the Active Teens programme in Feilding. Sam said “the Active Teens instructors were supportive and encouraging and overtime I started to wish that Active Teens wasn’t just once a week, but held more often in Feilding. Active Teens also welcomed my brother and he supported me by exercising with me. Active Teens has encouraged me to want to exercise more’’.

Sam has now joined the gym and is going four times a week, and enjoying it! Sam says “The feeling that I am achieving through fitness and feeling great after I have completed a workout is what I find enjoyable.

Alexander Pollock

Alex joined GRx in November 2018 after being referred by nutritionist Alex Tully from the PHO, due to a recent death in the family, his own deteriorating health, and to keep up with his young daughter who has A LOT of energy. He was only exercising one or two days a month which resulted in his blood pressure being high and out of control much like his asthma. He found it hard doing simple everyday tasks which made him feel tired and breathless with no energy to do anything especially when it came to his energetic daughter.

Throughout the GRx programme Alex has learnt how to set achievable goals and the importance of doing so, and how to exercise in a gym environment. He has also learnt about eating a balanced diet, portion size, and what to look out for when buying certain foods at the supermarket. With all this new found education Alex has lost 45kgs meaning he had to buy new clothes as his old ones were too big, blood pressure has lowered, asthma is now under control, and everyday tasks like putting on shoes and socks do not make him breathless anymore. He has found a love for the gym which he never thought would happen and tries to get there 2-3 days a week. He finds the repetitions of each exercise relaxing and finds something very satisfying in feeling tired and sore after a workout, like he has really accomplished something. If he can’t get to the gym, he will at least try to walk somewhere daily.

Alex feels he has had a lot of encouragement from staff involved with the programme and finds them very approachable with any concerns or questions he has had. The environment is inclusive and accepting of everyone, and provides support, knowledge, and encouragement on his health journey and would recommend the programme to others.

Phyllis Henley

Struggling with knee pain, Phyllis was initially referred to a physio at the Palms for an assessment on her knee. Post-assessment Phyllis was informed that she failed the criteria for surgery due to a high BMI (Body Mass Index). Instead the physio referred her over to the Green Prescription programme. “The referral was done to GRx as a support mechanism to help me with setting appropriate goals and get me on track with positive lifestyle changes”.

“Before engaging with the GRx programme I wasn’t exercising much at all. My eating habits were not good and wasn’t motivated to get up and do anything. I was really struggling with my knee pain and carrying the extra weight wasn’t helping me with my mobility issues.”

During the course of the programme Phyllis has made some great changes to her lifestyle. “I now go to Makino pool four times a week. (Water based activities has meant that I can actually move freely with minimal pain). I am also doing resistance band exercises at home (which I learnt how to use at GRx) on most days of the week.” Some other benefits that Phyllis has gained from the GRx programme is receiving some “helpful tips around eating well, reading food labels, setting goals and helping me to identify with exercises that work for me”.

From these fantastic changes Phyllis has become more mindful on making sure she eats well and makes exercise a priority. “Since being on the programme I have lost weight and feel I have more energy and able to do so much more.”

When asked what she liked best about the GRx programme Phyllis responded “that it is not too formal. You can choose what you want to take part in and are encouraged to work at your own pace. I enjoy the friendliness of the group and the laughs that we share when we exercise. The first meeting was so welcoming and non-threatening. The GRx team are great facilitators which I believe is the key to the success of this programme.”

“The GRx programme has really helped me get on a positive track in terms of my wellbeing. I am really happy with my progress so far. I intend to keep up my exercise routine and improved eating habits as my big goal is to lose enough weight to be eligible to get knee surgery.”

“Thank you to the GRx team for putting together this great programme in Feilding. I had heard about it but it took the push by my doctor/physio to get me on board. I truly believe that this programme works. I didn’t feel pressured into doing anything I didn’t want to do. I have taken the tips from the class sessions and used them when buying groceries, or dealing with the pain in my knee. I now have found the motivation to continue with the lifestyle changes I have made. I am looking forward to my next GP visit in December to show the progress I have made.”