From entire families to students, Green Prescription has already made a difference in so many people’s lives.
Read some of their inspiring stories and share with others you think may benefit from this programme.

Quiziah Wilson

The Active Families (AF) journey started for Quiziah and his family in June 2014. Quiziah had been referred to Active Families by the Palmerston North Hospital children’s outpatient clinic as he was overweight and suffers from asthma.

From attending the weekly AF classes Quiziah’s mother Starsh Te Riini said “the family, especially Quiziah, has enjoyed the fitness games and meeting families in a similar situation to their own. Being involved with the AF programme has helped Quiziah feel better about himself.” Starsh also has noticed that since starting the programme her son has improved his fitness; “Quiziah feels that he has more energy and stamina so he can enjoy and participate more in sporting activities.”

Aside from Quiziah’s attending the AF classes he has gained confidence to play rugby and he has also taken up swimming, representing the Dannevirke Swim Club. The photo of Quiziah is of him proudly displaying medals that he won at the East Coast Swimming Champs where he won four gold medals and two silver medals!
One of the best results of Quiziah’s increased engagement in physical activity is his improvement in managing his asthma. “He barely uses his asthma inhaler anymore; he can run longer without shortness of breath and can sleep better at night”, comments Starsh.

“Active Families has helped Quiziah lose weight and learn about the importance of healthy eating choices. Our family really enjoyed and benefited from the variety of activities on offer at the classes. We are now more active as a family”

The Active Families Advisor reports “that Quiziah is now more motivated and shows more confidence in himself from when he first started the Active Families programme. His family has supported him well by actively participating in all of the exercises and games alongside Quiziah.”

Quiziah and his family have become a mentor family on the Active Families programme.


Quiziah was referred by Dr. N. Hardy – Children Outpatient Clinic, Palmerston North Hospital.

Cassandra Pickett

Within the last year Cassandra has made some huge lifestyle changes, with the support of Gaylyn who has been with her every step of the way. It was actually through her support person (Gaylyn) that Cassandra first heard about the GRx Programme. “I wanted to join because I wanted to become more active. I also wanted to meet new people and make friends”.

“Before the programme the only exercise I was doing was delivering the property press around Shannon once a fortnight”. Due to inactivity Cassandra mentioned that she was “lacking in energy, I was finding it hard to sleep at night. My stress levels were very high and I was always stressed”.

From attending the weekly GRx classes in Levin, Cassandra has truly blossomed and she has given everything ago with a smile. “I am now more conscious of wanting to be more active and my support person Gaylyn has been helping me to set new challenges and getting me along to lots of events such as Whanau Tri, Ashhurst to Esplanade walk, Great Forrest event, Kawa Oranga Classic.” (And this is to just name a few!)

“I have noticed a change in Cassandra’s attitude”, comments Gaylyn. “Her attitude for life is much better and she is living by the motto: ‘our life, our choices’ and being a great role model to others around her”.

When asked what benefits she has experienced since incorporating a healthier lifestyle Cassandra replied; “I have noticed I am sleeping a lot better, feeling fitter, have more energy, less stressed and a lot more relaxed”.

“From the time that Cassandra started GRx classes to now it is impressive to see how far she has come”, comments Katrina Gemmell (GRx Advisor, Sport Manawatu). “She came in to the classes shy and not confident when it came to exercise, to being a young lady happy with life and participating in lots of community sporting events. I also applaud her support worker Gaylyn who has been a massive reason behind Cassandra’s success. She has brought Cassandra to class and has been motivating her to get involved with sporting activities outside of the programme.

Well done Cassandra, I look forward to seeing you around and continuing to see you blossom!”

Donald Campbell

It was through his nurse at Kauri Healthcare (Vivian St) that Donald first heard about the Green Prescription programme. “I had been originally referred to a different programme, but since I did not meet the criteria my nurse recommended that I start with the GRx programme”.  It seems that the choice to move forward with the GRx programme has been a very positive step for Don.

“I knew that I needed to get more consistent with my exercise. I had heard about Sport Manawatu, but I was unaware of the GRx programme and the opportunities that this programme provided to the community.  After attending my first class I was hooked! The instructors did not try to push above my ability, but encouraged me to try my best. I felt really good within myself after the first class that I did not hesitate to continue with the remainder of the course”.

Exercise was not something that Donald did not do much of prior to starting the GRx classes. “I mowed my lawns every two weeks and came in and flopped on the couch. This was not doing my health any benefits as I am a type 2 Diabetic, and diagnosed with high blood pressure”. But since attending the weekly classes Don has changed his approach to exercise. “I now try to go for a brisk walk every day. I enjoy walking around different areas and terrains which brings different challenges to each walk”.

“From my involvement on the GRx programme I have learnt that you have to push yourself to improve and so I am always trying to improve with each exercise. The instructors are there motivating everyone and I truly believe that the effort you put in to your exercise will result in the type of results that you achieve”.

“This programme has met my needs as it keeps on providing a challenge every week. My future plans/goals are to remain to challenge myself with my exercise. I would like to start jogging and then running so I can do some long distance running like completing a half or full marathon instead of five or ten km walks”.

“I would thoroughly recommend this programme to anyone who has not been active for a time either because of a medical reason or just a lack of motivation. Once you get motivated again you find a new lease on life!”

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