Applications for the KiwiSport Fund are now open!

Changes have been made to the way the fund operates, to allow for greater flexibility and better access to sport and active recreation funding. The KiwiSport Funds aim to increase opportunities, availability and accessibility of sport to school-age children out of curriculum time by strengthening links with sports clubs. This will support children in developing confidence in skills that will enable them to participate effectively in sport at both primary and secondary level.

The new ‘Fast Fund’ is open all year round for applications up to $10,000. Once the completed application is submitted to the committee, a response will be given within three working days. It’s that fast!

The ‘Large Fund’ will have quarterly submission application deadlines for projects over $10,000 and will be assessed four times a year (on the 15 of the month): January, April, July and October.

The ‘Secondary Schools Fund’ does not have a capped amount and a response will be given within three days of the completed application being submitted to the funding committee. This fund is ideal for those needing funding for rural travel to participate in sporting events and programme development that will increase participation. Open to Secondary Schools only.

The Fast and Large funds are open to programmes that meet at least one of the Sport NZ priorities.

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