Weekly walks and gym sessions, buying smaller plates to help with portion control, and support from the Green Prescription (GRx) and Whānau Fit team has led to a participant losing 70.2 kilograms.

Alex Pollock, age 41, joined GRx in November 2018 after being referred by nutritionist Alex Tully from the PHO. His referral came due to a death in the family, his own deteriorating health, and trying to keep up with his young daughter.

Before he started the GRx programme he was exercising one or two days a month. The lack of movement resulted in his blood pressure being high and out of control, much like his asthma. He found it hard doing simple everyday tasks, which made him feel tired and breathless with no energy to do anything.

Throughout the GRx programme Alex learnt how to set achievable goals and the importance of doing so, and how to exercise in a gym environment. He has learnt about eating a balanced diet, portion size, and what to look out for when buying certain foods at the supermarket. With all this new education Alex has lost nearly 70kgs. His blood pressure has lowered, asthma is now under control, and everyday tasks like putting on shoes and socks do not make him breathless anymore.

He now enjoys weekly walks of up to an hour and a half with his daughter. They have a goal of walking all the Palmerston North City walkways, with the ultimate goal of walking the Manawatu Gorge Track together.

He and his daughter now attend the Whānau Fit programme. Her favourite session from Whanau Fit has been Hapkido. She enjoyed it so much that Alex has booked her in for further classes. He enjoys going to the gym weekly and really enjoyed the Human Movements session with Whanau Fit.

Alex is now a mentor to others on the GRx and Whanau Fit programmes. He is grateful to be there to support others on their journey.

Alex has appreciated the encouragement from staff involved with the programme and finds them very approachable with any concerns or questions he has had. The environment is inclusive and accepting of everyone, and provides support, knowledge, and encouragement on his health journey and he would definitely recommend the programme to others.