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At Sport Manawatu we are all about getting everyone active every day! We serve four territorial local authorities: Manawatu District Council, Horowhenua District Council, Tararua District Council and Palmerston North City Council. Within this area, we look after more than 100 primary schools, 20 secondary schools, 500 clubs and over 40 regional sports associations or club equivalents.

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Move n Groove
Move n Groove
At: Levin Aquatic Centre Tuesday, 31 March, 9:15am to Tuesday, 31 March, 10:00am
After a Move n Groove session, you may enjoy a spa and visit the meeting room for a cup of tea with the group. Move n Groove is a shallow water class designed for the more mature client, injury reh... More details...

Just Move It
Just Move It
At: Horowhenua Scottish Society Hall Wednesday, 1 April, 9:00am to Wednesday, 1 April, 10:00am
This is a low impact indoor exercise class, especially designed and suited to adults in their 50s, 60s, 70s and over who enjoy health and fitness. Its is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. J... More details...

H20 Go
H20 Go
At: Levin Aquatic Centre Wednesday, 1 April, 9:15am to Wednesday, 1 April, 10:00am
H2O Go Medium Intensity A medium cardio workout without the impact. Ideal for muscle toning and fat burning. This is a non-impact, medium intensity workout in the deep pool. More details...

Aquapump Wednesdays
At: Levin Aquatic Centre Thursday, 2 April, 9:15am to Thursday, 2 April, 10:00am

Canoe Slalom National Championships
At: Mangahao Dams Friday, 3 April, 8:00am to Friday, 3 April, 4:00pm

Pongaroar Open Hunt
At: Pongaroa Hotel Friday, 3 April, 9:00am

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