Whether you are starting out as a new coach, or having been coaching for years, Sport Manawatu offers different coaching programmes to help develop and support your coaching skills.

Grassroots Coaching Course

Sport Manawatu’s Grassroots Coaching Course is designed to help coaches who do not have access to sport modules or for those who want to better understand the coaching process.

The topics are presented in accordance with the Sport NZ Coach Development Framework and are therefore easily recognised and accepted as self-directed learning options by both National Sports Organisations and Regional Sports Organisations. The topics covered are as follows and have both a theory and practical component:

  • The role of the coach
  • The coaching process
  • Teaching a skill
  • Session components

Grassroots Coaching Courses are run based on demand. If you would like to attend a course, please register below and you will be informed when and where the next course will be held.

Fill in the Grassroots Coaching Course
 form below. If you need more information about Grassroots Coaching, please contact Sport Manawatu

Growing Coaches

Growing Coaches is a Sport New Zealand programme that is designed to support the development of student coaches. It is a leadership programme for secondary school students who want to coach sport at schools (secondary, primary, intermediate) or clubs.

The programme involves eight hours of learning about coaching; 4 hours of generic and 4 hours of sport-specific. Coaches deliver 15 hours of coaching experience


The programme is flexible and can be delivered in a number of different ways to suit your school’s needs:

  • As part of the Physical Education programme, aligned to NCEA achievement standards
  • As part of a sport leadership course
As a separate student-coach development programme, possibly outside of class hours
A number of resources are available from the Sport New Zealand website to assist schools with delivering Growing Coaches:

Growing Coaches Programme Guide
Growing Coaches Journal
  • Growing Coaches Gear Bag
Facilitator workshop guidelines

4 x workshop presentations


  • Workshop 1 What is Coaching?
  • Workshop 2 Designing great coaching sessions
  • Workshop 3 Games approach
  • Workshop 4 Coach leadership
Growing Coaches does not have to be connected to the New Zealand Curriculum for delivery within a school. However, if schools wish to assess students for NCEA achievement standards these can be done at level 1, 2 and 3 and assessment examples can be found on the Sport New Zealand website.

Achievement standards that closely match the Growing Coaches programme include:

  • AS 90966 (1.5) Setting the Scene
  • AS 90966 (1.5) Using interpersonal skills to coach an athlete or team
  • AS 90967 (1.6) Can we improve performance
  • AS 90969 (1.8) Coaching encourages participation
  • AS 91328 (2.2) Using Knowledge to improve
  • AS 91332 (2.6) Coaching a team

For more information please visit the Sport New Zealand website.
If you would like to find out more about Growing Coaches, please phone Shaun Whenuaroa on (06) 357 5349.

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